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As someone who wants to live full out and also has a seemingly compromised body that I want to do my best to take care of, I sometimes find myself in a place of frustration, disappointment, or regret.

I do my best to walk a line of going for it and respecting the needs of this vessel that I live with, but sometimes either I go too far, or maybe Life is just happening, and the body breaks down.

This morning, I came up against this familiar place.

However, I was able to pause in the midst of it, and find my way back to where It All comes from. A place of gigantic Existence that is nothing less than God (Love/Light…) being expressed in its many forms.

This, this Existence, is not changed or diminished by what is physically happening with my body or the emotions, judgements, or fears of my mind.

I can bring all of what I feel back to This, let it be seen, held, and absorbed, consciously known by the Ultimate Knower.

From this place I have more ease, which is a great side benefit, but what is really happening is that I remember what has been true all along.

In this I feel myself soften, less fight, more availability. Grace is known.

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