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Hey guys!

Below is the link to my clinic update from month 9 of my MAC treatment dance. I’m also excited to share some news about a plan to get this bod to a place where it can try Trikafta!  Woo friggin hoo! We’re on our way!

Also, I haven’t been writing as much on here lately.  I’ve mostly been using the site for updates as I move through this MAC treatment right now.  Getting through that and doing what we need to do to land here in Denver have been the priorities.

That said, I do miss my written shares from the heart.  I feel their call…. and it’s my intention to share more of the written pieces that emerge as well soon.

With big, wide open Love,


(Music credits: Breathe by Matt Scales (also sung by Tess, Josh, and Rose, all of whom, including Matt have lived with CF) Thank you for this beautiful piece.  <3 Here is the link to the youtube video of this song.)

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