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Hi. I'm Kori.

I'm a person with a big capacity to love, and also to really show up, even when life might knock me down. Don’t get me wrong, I have my "F" it days, but I know how to pick myself back up and be with what is without becoming hard or cold. Being able to keep love, appreciation, and gratitude as a foundation has made a real difference in my life.   I also know how to work hard for what’s important to me and I don’t give up easily. 

I notice things, little things, big things, the beauty in the world and I'm grateful for it. I stop to drink in the things that others might walk by or not pause for. I am someone who was aware from a young age that our lives, in these bodies, are limited.   With that in mind, I have a strong pull to not waste a day, or a chance to connect with loved ones.

My spirituality is important to me and something that I often lean into. I am grateful to know something bigger than this body and this little self. 

I love to travel. It's harder than it used to be for this body these days, but I've had my fair share of adventures.  I did a lot of my travel solo and know the challenge, joys, and freedom of that, but now I also really love sharing adventures with my husband.

I have the privilege of being married to a beautiful human being that I adore, Ricky Michael Doherty.  He is one of my very favorite gifts in my life thus far. He is strong, and kind, and good down to his core. Yes, I still want to shake him some days, but would trade him none of those. 
We share both the joys and the compromise of creating our life together and have grown so much together over the last ten years.  

We’ve actually known each other since 3rd grade and have a fantastic story about how we actually ended up together.  Maybe we’ll share more about that with you all in one of our posts.   I'm also the mommy of two fur babies. One of which is a kitty we call Jasmine who is certain she is actually Queen of The Universe. The second is our dog, Bahni. I love our little family.  

I'm a licensed massage therapist and health coach and Continuum Teacher. I also have a patient empowerment company called Booster Jots. , but my main focus right now is working my way through a longer intensive medical treatment.  This is because I am also someone who happens to have Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects all the mucous membranes of the body. (lungs, sinuses, GI tract to name a few). One of the things this means is that my body can be a perfect breeding ground for lung infections and one that I’m dealing with right now, and is the reason for the treatment mentioned above is NTM.  

NTM is something in the soil, many water sources, it’s kind of all around, but only really a problem because of my already compromised lungs with CF.   What does that mean for me right now?  Well, it means my body is managing a lot.  Life these days takes more planning (and those plans could be changed in a second) and effort than it might if I did not have it. Living with CF, even before NTM, has also meant I have collected some insights and perspectives that I may not have if I did not have CF. It means my life could be potentially shortened and is more complicated than fun sometimes, but it's a part of me that I have learned with, grown from, and will shine through. So that's a slice of me. 

More to come…

Love and gratitude, 
- Kori

Hello, I’m Rick.


I was born and raised in the Rochester, NY area and I Loved growing up where I did. I spent most days with Neighborhood friends either playing sports or exploring in the woods across the street. I had a love of basketball, that’s still with me today. I played throughout high school and college as a point guard.

I knew at a young age that I wasn’t “normal.” A regular 9-5 job was never going to do it for me. I struggled to find a way out of that “social norm.” And, in 2012 made the leap into Real Estate investing and never looked back.

I’ve been lucky enough to build up a portfolio of properties that allows me to work remotely. I’m always looking at new potential deals and still heavily involved in Real Estate. I’ve recently caught the e-commerce bug as well and have a fast growing Amazon store that is going to help continue my desired lifestyle.

I love the idea of what Freedom looks like not just for me, but everyone. It means something different for each of us and that inspires me to live as honestly and fully every day with the hope to inspire others to do the same!

I am happily married to my forever partner, Kori, in what has unfolded as a real life Romantic Comedy screenplay!  We are celebrating 5 years of marriage this year and have settled into our apartment in Uptown Denver with our two fur babies, Jasmine the kitty and our rescue pup, Bahni.  Together we hope to continue to inspire each other and others. We will continue to grow individually and together to make the most of this one life we have!

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